Nomination and Evaluation Committee

The Nomination Committee supports ecoDa’s board and operates as a committee of the board.  The Nomination Committee is responsible for assessing the applications and for putting recommendations for the best suitable people to chair ecoDa and its different committees/working groups. The Nomination Committee helps shape ecoDa corporate governance 1- by assessing the performance of the board and appraising the right framework for committees’ assessment, 2- by overseeing the smooth integration of new board members and new chairs, 3- by facilitating the oversight of the Secretary General’s performance and remuneration, 4- by providing counsel with respect to Board and Committees’ structure and by developing corporate governance principles on the specific request of the board.

The Nomination and Evaluation Committee (NEC)


Lutgart Van den Berghe

The Belgian Institute of Directors (GUBERNA)

Biography available here



  • Maarit AARNI-SIRVIÖ, Directors' Institute Finland, FINLAND
  • Juan ALVAREZ-VIJANDE, IC-A, Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores, SPAIN
  • Béatrice RICHEZ-BAUM, Secretary General, ecoDa