ecoDa 10th anniversary, 22nd April 2015

Over the past years, the European Commission has increasingly been regulating European Corporate Governance. 

The duties of board members have increased extensively to cover a full range of detailed missions including risk oversight, financial and non-financial reporting, compliance with the CG Codes, executives remuneration, etc. Expectations are also very high on the functioning and composition of boards’.

But one should not forget that the main duty of boards is still to define the corporate strategy. It is even more crucial in times when European competitiveness is being challenged by both emerging markets and traditional competitors such as the US.

Regulations and laws cannot solve the fundamental problem behind European competitiveness: the ability of European companies to stay competitive in a globalized world. On the contrary, lawmakers must design a legal framework that supports the sustainability and the competitiveness of European companies.

  • To renew trust in boardrooms, the conference will present some case studies to show the added-value of board members. The conference will then discuss how the professionalism of directors can be improved and how to upgrade the decision making process of boards.
  • What qualifications should nominating committees ask for when recruiting board members? Do directors need to have executive experience? How do we ensure the continuing professionalism of all board members?
  • How does D&O insurance fit into this context of increasing responsibilities for board members?
  • How should directors engage more in “Business Intelligence”?
  • What are the challenges for board members during the next decade?

Our Brussels event finalized “the European road show” started in June 2014 with different national events organised by ecoDa member organizations. All those national events will feed into our Brussels debate.

See: "The Professionalism of Directors" Nordic Conference", Stockholm – June 13th, 2014

"THE VALUE ADDING SUPERVISORY BOARDS-Going beyond the classical oversight", Ljubljana – October 22nd, 2014”.

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