Testimonials from alumni

“Both formal and practical experiences from different European jurisdictions was shared in an insightful way at ecoDa’s Board Program during two intense days. Highly experienced board professionals from all major European geographies guided and contributed to the learning, as well as participants from both Europe and Asia with broad and diverse experience. The program was further enhanced by contribution from INSEAD, with a relevant board simulation where we got to practice some of our new insights. The program gave me more knowledge into variations in European corporate governance, as well as strengthened my network with new board colleagues from all over Europe.”   

- Liselotte  Hägertz Engstam, Swedish, ecoDa Session 29/30 September 2016 -


“Yes, I recommend strongly this training mainly for the exchange of experiences among great people of the governance community of different sectors and countries, to learn about the latest evolutions of corporate governance in Europe, benchmark local corporate governance practices (o.w. UK, Scandinavia, Germany and Italy) , work on the agenda of a value adding board….”

- Cristina  Munchenbach, French, ecoDa Session 29/30 September 2016 -


"A tremendous opportunity for aspiring and incumbent board directors to listen, learn and exchange on corporate governance matters in Europe.  Highly recommended."

- William Lockwood, British, ecoDa Session 29/30 September 2016 -


"I had a great time in taking part to the ecoDa seminar on Directors and Boards in Europe. I found the comparison among the different governance systems very interesting, and the debates and speeches about the role of Directors and the new trends in Regulation very stimulating. It has been also a very rich human experience thanks to the organisation of the seminar, the events and the multicultural group."

- Catherine Tanneau, ecoDa Session 21/22 March 2013 -


"I am pleased to testify that the « Professionnal Developement Course for European Directors Â» offered by ecoDa has provided me with a deeper understanding of the many governance challenges faced by European board members as well as the functioning of the different board systems that are currently in place across Europe. I met great people and I enjoyed participating very much."

- Gilles Bernier, ecoDa Session 21/22 March 2013 -


"The ecoDa training programme is a “must do” if you want to be acting as a director at European level, and be aware of the latest developments at European level in corporate governance. The excellent profile of speakers brings the best of the best  for the discussion in the class room. The case studies and simulations are excellent training tools to put in practice all your knowledge and the learning from the program during the program. This facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices around Europe. The different backgrounds and nationalities of the participants add an excellent component to the discussions."

- Rosa Villalobos, ecoDa Session 19/20 October 2011 -