Welcome as Member of ecoDa's Community of Professional Directors!

More than 60, 000 professional directors throughout Europe are already members of the ecoDa Community. Their national institute of professional directors makes up the membership body of ecoDa and gives them access to benchmarking, professional development and a chance to voice their opinion on our common Corporate Governance.


Our member institutes represent a large part of our resources. None of our activities could be handled without the support and expertise of our members. The more a member is active, the more they benefit from their ecoDa involvment.


Today ecoDa represents the main national institutes in Europe but we want more institutes to join us. The reason is simple: having new national institutes of directors being members of ecoDa enriches the knowledge of our existing members. In other words, it is a win-win situation benefiting all.


Do you want your national institute to give you access to the wealth of information, experience and knowledge embedded in an ecoDa membership? If your institute is not yet a member of the ecoDa community, here is a chance to remedy the situation:

  • Contact us if your institute is well established in your home country but has not yet joined ecoDa. We invite you to discover our membership fees and the financial terms in our subpages.

  • If there is no institute of directors in your home country today but you are interested in starting a national institute – contact us as well! We want to be instrumental in helping to establish new institutes.

  • You belong to an organization dealing with Corporate Governance issues but you are not an institute per se– contact us as well. We look for cooperation with relevant organizations within the European Corporate Governance field.


Welcome as ecoDa's member!



Philippe Decleire, 

Chairman of the Membership Committee

Treasurer of ecoDa